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Window Tinting Solution for your home and business

Our window films will improve your life by filtering damaging rays, lowering energy bills and improving the security of your property. Whether you need residential or commercial window applications, UV Window Tint offers the right solution for your needs.

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Quality Window Tinting services in Johannesburg

We offer great service to all our customers and a wide range of solar tinting technology including safety film, sun resistant, heat film and decorative film for interior use.Our products are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers and use the best technology available for solar tinting.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service experience to you for all projects. We service commercial and residential customers 

Window Tinting

We have earned a reputation as the trusted source for Commercial Tinting and Window Frosting. Contact us today to set up a consultation

Tinted Windows and Glass Sandblasting

Heating & Cooling

Our Tint Keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer helping to cut airconditioning bills substantially.

UV & Glare Reduction

Fading and discoloration of belongings occurs because of UV rays , and window tint prevents both of these.

Privacy & Safety

Our films strengthen window glass over 20 times, protecting from storm damage and other common hazards.

Choose the right Solution

Window Tint

Whether you are looking to improve occupant comfort, lower energy costs, enhance privacy, our window tinting films exceeds expectations

Glass sandblasting
Sandblast Vinyl

Get  custom designs for your patio, bedroom, shower doors and sliding doors using our premium Polymeric Sandblast vinyl ensuring quailty always

Wallpaper Design

Print your unique wallpaper artwork and have your entire space personalised from home deco to retail and fast food spaces. 

Printed Window Vinyl

Using vinyl, contra vision and  sandblast vinyl we can design your artwork and print in high quality colour using state of the art machines

Window Tinting and Glass Sandblast Services Near You!

UV Window Tint comes out to you to take measurments and pictures. our trained technical team will offer great advise and guidance as tot he right product to use 

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