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We specialise in Solar office and home tint.reduce glare and UV coming through your windows.

About Us

UV Window Tint is a comany specialising  in solar tinting.We offer great service to all our customers and a wide range of solar tinting technology including safety film, sun resistant, heat film and decorative film for interior use. Our products are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers and use the best technology available for solar tinting.


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Heat and Glare Reduction

Why you must use Solar Window films

Heat Control (Up to 78% Heat Rejection)
Glare Reduction on PC screen and other boardroom Audio Visual equipment
Reduced energy bills by using less air conditioning and temperature regulation.
Privacy Film (One Way – Mirror films for security)
UV Protection (Stops 99% UVA and UVB rays)
Frosted Film (used for privacy and decorative purposes in offices and boardrooms)
Clear Safety Films (Turns standard glass into safety glass)
UV Protection on retail shop front windows will prevent fading of garments.

What We Offer

Office window tint can be retrofitted to newer and older building applications to reduce carbon footprints through effective climate control. Solar heat enters through unprotected office windows, causing uneven temperatures, hotspots and a constant climate control battle. However, with the simple installation of office window tint you can expect a cooler, more comfortable climate and reduced operating expenses on energy required to heat and cool your office.

Our professional technicians install your window film or window tinting with the greatest industry craftsmanship and we treat your property as if it were our own.

Our clients range from large corporate companies to private individuals looking for professionally fitted, premium quality window tinting and decorative frosted vinyl.

  • Professional Installation 98%
  • Industry Certified Film and Vinyl 99%
  • Best prices and great products 95%

Our Gallery

Our Work Flow


Choose the type of film

We have a wide viariety of window film each service a different purpose.We have reflective film,non reflective film,mirror film,safety clear and the list goes on


Measure your windows

Give us measurements of your windows or our consultants will come out to conduct a full site inspection in order to quote accordingly

Supply & Installation

we supply and install the window film using professional equiptment and skill.

Our Clients

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